Friday, June 1, 2012

Fashion | David Paulus | Art Couture

In the southern Caribbean Sea, off the Venezuelan coast, David Paulus was born on the tropical island of Curacao. After finishing high school, he left Curacao for Amsterdam, Holland.  His love of fashion led him to a job with haute couture designer She Guang Hu.

Haute Couture Designer She Guang Hu

David then went to work for ecological clothing brand Van Markoviec.

Van Markoviec

Now at age 26, David has seen his own vision come to life on the runway. Asked if he could give his work a name, he’d call it Art Couture. His collections are inspired by a certain theme at first, then his imagination just takes over.

Now, I’d like to introduce you to fashion designer David Paulus.

R&J:  David, what is it about fashion that inspires you?

David: There is no specific thing that inspires me. it can really be anything… a person, art, music, atmosphere, different cultures, fairytales and so on. I just never know until it hits me.

2011/2012 Retro La Future | MUAH: Hannah Bakels | Photos: Martin Sweers

R&J:  What was the biggest challenge for you to reach the level of success you have now? 

David: My biggest challenge so far was to teach myself how to create a line, pushing my limits while maintaining a signature look for a collection.

2011/2012 Retro La Future | MUAH: Olga Petrenko | Photos: Elena Platonova 

&J:  Who are your heroes/favorite designers?
David: Musically it has to be… Roisin Murphy.  Her style is fabulous and so is she. As far as other designers… Walter van Beirendonck and Viktor & Rolf.

TOP LEFT: Roisin Murphy TOP RIGHT: Walter van Beirendonck BOTTOM: Victor & Rolf

R&J:  You also have a passion for dance and teach Zumba. Does dance reflect in your fashion work? How does it compliment your work in fashion?

David: Zumba is my escape that allows my mind to be free… when my mind is free, the inspiration just flows and I get many ideas for my work.

David Paulus

R&J:  What was the funniest thing to ever happen to you while you were working?

David: Hahahaha, i don’t know really know, because when I am busy, I am so focused, I am so deep in thought that I am in my own little world. 

Autumn/Winter collection 2012/2013 | Alice And The Dolls

R&J:  What advice would you give a budding designer who is just starting out in fashion?

David: That they have a thick skin. (laughing)

R&J:  Well, that’s all the time we have today, thank you so much for sharing some of your time with us. We wish you great success in all you do.

David: Thank you very much.


Florentina said...

the style is copied by viktor & rolf! oh my god! is absurd, viktor & rolf have already made ​​dolls, and even triple collar! But are we kidding?

Michelle said...

Well it's still a very nice story. Inspiring...

Renata and Jonathan said...

Thank you, Michelle, glad you enjoyed it :)

Ashley said...

Wow his designs are amazing! So architectural! Great interview.

Renata and Jonathan said...

HI Ashley, thank you :) 

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