Monday, November 28, 2011

Photoshop | Hyper Realistic Manga

I was looking for something challenging to try to do the other week, when I stumbled on another book on Advanced Photoshop techniques. Saw this tutorial and had to give it a whirl. 

First thing was to purchase this shot of a model from

Next was to adjust the head to give it a more rounded look.

Followed by shaping the jaw line a little :)

I selected her eyes and on a separate layer, enlarged them to start really changing the look. At this point she is starting to remind me more of a Mark Ryden painting. Which might be a cool post down the road when I think on it.

I apply a similar technique to the nose and mouth and desaturate the lips.

With the use of a layer mask, she gets a new doo and some ribbons. The new look is just about achieved. Time for a cool background. 

I really had a hard at this point settling. It was too much fun and really wanted the piece to be more than just a run through a tute. Something more original. But due to the amount of projects on my plate, I just went with it. The piece was a little dark and wanted to do something a little different, so I added one of Renata's necklaces to her, adjusted the color some and here is the final result.

I am working on an original piece for a friend, author Sam Kirshaw, taking one of her publicity shots and well, I will save the idea for later :)

Any questions on this, I would be happy  to answer, technique-wise.


Mishshell said...

WOW!! is all I can say! Pretty amazing what imagination, talent and technology can do! New follower from the Etsy Promotion Freaks Team :)

Renata and Jonathan said...

Hi Mishshell

Thank you! It is so much fun to do... and the tools are just incredible. There are no limits anymore. Only the imagination.



Manolik said...

Great work !!! I like it !!! :)

Renata and Jonathan said...

Appreciate you visiting, Manol, and very happy you liked the work :)

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