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Fashion | FAB | Stylist Fabio Mercurio

Fabio was born in Sardinia, but lived in Sicily until 1997 and resides in Bologna for past 15 years during which he attended the Academy of Fashion and Costume finishing in 2000. Once in the real world, Fabio got his break designing several collections as an assistant in small design studios around the area. 

A sample of Fabio's early work in fashion

For a time, he worked in several showrooms and eventually returned to his first passion, the design of leather handbags. His career path took him to a company where he was entrusted to do an advertising campaign which he nursed himself personally, and found a calling. From there he started working in photo books and taking on other small projects, now Fabio has moved to television commercials and advertising campaigns, but he still have many things to accomplish….the journey has only just begun.

Fabio's work in television

In his own words...
"Style? I always try to be simple, I do not like complicated overworked stuff, I prefer to focus on an accessory, a bow tie, a belt, a brooch... When I work I try not to complicate the figure, create a focal point, in harmony with proportion, that is essential to me."

Jonathan: In the world of Fashion who is your biggest hero and influence, is there someone in your life that helped or inspired you to get to where you are?

Fabio: Sure! I have some very specific reference models! The career Grace Coddington is definitely admired, what I’d want to be, I love all her great work with its styling, the woman is definitely tough, likes to break the rules and willing to take a lot of risks!! I also love Lucinda Chambers, her innate class and often follow the work of Arianne Phillips, which I appreciate very well as costume designer.

Jonathan: When a new project comes in, can you share a little of your creative process? How do you decide on a look or direction for a product?

Fabio:  I like to engage people on a photo shoot, I like to control every aspect, from lighting to set design, the harmony of a beautiful picture is the synergy of many aspects. We must carefully consider what you want to communicate, It's always important to talk with the customer and satisfy him in every respect, be very cooperative which is super important when working in teams.

Jonathan: What was the funniest thing to ever seen happen on set?

Fabio:  I have a very long list of these, Once a model was dead tired from what must have been a very light night out… couldn’t keep his eyes open to save his life and continually fell asleep all over the set, that was classic. Another time this poor model was whining and crying for her shoes were made too small. It was by accident, but she hated me all the whole time, the looks she gave me but I just couldn’t help but laugh.

Jonathan: What has been a favorite moment in your career so far?

Fabio: Well, for sure this time. I am working on an editorial for a new magazine in Milan, it's all top secret but I'll keep you informed, at the same time I'm taking care of an advertising campaign that takes away a lot of energy even though I prefer to work for independent photographers, there is a lot of creativity and freedom of expression, buuuuut work is work.

Jonathan: You still have much to do, where do you see yourself in the future? Say in 10 years?

Fabio: OMG, yes! There is always something to learn and do. I can not imagine my future, I'd love to work with some of the big names in photography of course, besides that, what would be a great satisfaction for me is I want to work as a costume designer for film and music video. I might have to move for this to happen. I just think that failing to follow your dreams, you miss out on a fantastic future.

Jonathan: What advice would give to someone wanting to start a career as a stylist?

Fabio: We must study hard and train our eye to elegance, doing research, traveling, observing everything. The best trends are born on the street and on the street you have to be there to see them! Being humble people is crucial. There is always something more to learn, and bullying your way through will not serve you well.

You can find Fabio on Facebook and for more information on working with him, please visit his web site, FabioMercurio.com or email him and say hello J


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