Friday, October 7, 2011

PORTRAITS | Paolo Roversi

Fashion Photographer Paolo Roversi's work behind a lens is more than beautiful, it is…

Model | Natalia Vodianova | Vogue Italia September 2004


Model | Melanie Thierry | Vogue Italia September 2002


Model | Lily Cole | Vogue IT March 2007


Model | Tilda Swinton | ACNE Paper Sweden FALL/WINTER 2010


Model | Kate Moss | Vogue Italia March 1996


Model | Melanie Thierry | Vogue Italia September 2002


Model | John Galliano |2006


Model | Milla Jovovich | Vogue Italia October 2002


Model | Caroline Trentini | Vogue Italia March 2005


Model | Gemma Ward | Vogue Italia March 2004


I am sure these images have been seen a thousand times by millions but for me it was the first.

Thank you, Mr. Roversi.

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SHIN said...


Looprentice said...

first time for me too, absolutely amazing. He catches something that i haven't seen before. Thanks for sharing :)

Vie said...

absolutely stunning!!!! <3<3<3

Renata and Jonathan said...

Hi Vie, so happy you enjoyed it xx

Renata and Jonathan said...

HI Shin, ありがとうございます, I will be doing Tim Walker and Steven Meisel soon :)

Renata and Jonathan said...

HI Loo, I love the intensity, they do have that "something," don't they? Before I posted this I just sat there mesmerized.

How's Brighton treating you?


Ella Gajewska said...

OMG, where have you found these? I haven seen one of them! SO stunning!

Renata and Jonathan said...

@Ella Gajewska  I looked and I looked until the wee hours of the night all week... but it was inspiring. 

Ashley Alan said...

These images are beautiful and haunting at the same time. I, too, hadn't seen them before. Thanks for sharing!

Renata and Jonathan said...

Haunting is the perfect word... Most welcome, Ashley!!  xoxo

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