Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Beauty's Embrace | Digital Photo Manipulation in Photoshop CS6

This image started from a stock image (below) from last month's issue of Advanced Photoshop. I thought it was kinda cool and thought it would make a great base for experimenting in Photoshop CS6.

STEP 1: Using the Magic Wand tool I quickly blocked out  a layer mask. After, I tweaked it with "Refine Edge" and a small round brush (on the mask layer).

STEP 2: Another stock image (same source) of a stormy sky was placed in another layer beneath the model.

STEP 3: A really great resource for finding brushes and other resources for Photoshop is a site called Brusheezy. Using some brushes I found there, I created another layer between my model and sky and laid in some brushwork in white drooping the opacity to 80%.

STEP 4: Creating another layer above the model, I added a few more brush strokes, leaving these at 100% opacity.

STEP 5: I duplicated the sky layer and moved it to the top at this point. Using Hue/Saturation, I adjust the color. After creating an accompanying mask, I used the Gradient tool (Black to Transparent) to fade the new sky layer.

STEP 6: Next I set the blending mode (new sky layer) to "Soft Light" at 100% opacity. Steps 5 and 6 combine for a nice subtle cohesion in color.

STEP 7: Using Nik Software's Color Efex Pro, I use "Film Efex: Modern" to achieve this grain effect which was a bit too strong.

STEP 8: When using Color Efex Pro, the filter effects are applied to a new layer combining all layers you have turned on. So leaving my working layers on. I set the new filtered layer to 40% opacity to achieve the final look I was after.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. It was fun to create. Let me know what you think of the final image. I think the hardest part is sometimes knowing when to stop :)

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Patrick Demarchelier | No Words Necessary

There is not much I can add to or say about Mr. Demarchelier. Only that he is a master in his field and I am inspired every time I see his work… hope you are too.

Patrick Demarchelier

Patrick was born near Paris, in 1943 to a modest family sharing a home with his uncle’s family as well. For his seventeenth birthday, his stepfather bought him his first camera, A Kodak. Soon, Demarchelier was learning how to develop film, retouching negatives and started shooting photographs of friends and weddings.

In 1975, his girlfriend led him to New York and he discovered fashion photography. As a freelance photographer, learning and working with photographers such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Hans Feurer and others, his work soon drew the attention of Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, and others. In 1992, began the start of what would be a 12-year collaboration with Hearst publications and Harper's Bazaar then he returned to Vogue. Working with Anna Wintour, shooting editorials, covers and advertising campaigns, his work has been a vital part of Vogue to this day.

Demarchelier’s clients include campaigns for Dior, Chanel, YSL, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and so many others. He was Princess Diana’s favorite photographer and the first royal photographer from outside Britain. He’s had appearances in TV and film. Patrick’s amazing career shows no sign of slowing down and his skill, passion and eye are a complete joy to behold for anyone who loves fashion. His work captures its essence.

 “When you’re a fashion photographer, you must inspire a dream,” Patrick Demarchelier said. “With Dior Haute Couture, the dream is already there.”

Dior Couture

Dior Couture

Dior Couture | Charlize Theron

Dior Couture

Dior Couture

Maryna Linchuk | Vogue Russia

Karlie Kloss and Abbey Lee Kershaw | Donna Karan Spring 2011 Campaign

Christy Turlington | Vogue UK
Karlie Kloss | Vogue

Nadja Auerman | Harper's Bazaar
Emma Watson | Vogue

“Every woman looks more beautiful, and more like herself,
through Demarchelier’s lens.”
– Anna Wintour


Friday, March 8, 2013

Collage | Interview with Artist Andre Sanchez

About André Sanchez
Born in 1972 in Lesquin, north of France, André grew up near Bordeaux in the
countryside, southwest corner of France. 

André started the illustration as a freelancer about 9 years ago. He is passionate about photography and graphic design, especially of the indie music label scene, in particular by the works of Dave McKean and Vaughan Oliver.

His first work was published for the french newspaper Le Monde, and then
mainly worked for the press and publishing which led him to the fashion and
advertising the likes of Vogue Japan and Sony Music France.

In His Own Words 
"The illustration allows me to express myself rather freely, offering a very rich panel
of possibility. I can play at the same time with the collage, the graphics, the
typography and the diverse associations of ideas. Furthermore, I can work from my
home without having to move. I also like to work on my own projects. Work on the
study of a topic, to make research, to raise sources of inspiration and to make
photos in studio with a team if I need. The photography is essentially the base of my
illustration's works."

– André Sanchez

Jonathan: Hi André, after reading about your career to date, the first thing I wondered was, when did you realize you wanted to be an artist?

André: Quite late in fact, when I arrived in Paris ten years ago. I started doing digital collages a mix of photos, textures  and typography, as Dave McKean and Vaughan Oliver, two fabulous graphic designers, which I appreciated their work through album covers.
I took great pleasure in making these digital collages, and step by step it took more time in my life. I began to have more order of illustrations for magazines and publishing house. Then I made exhibitions and fashion photography. This is the day I got my first agent, I realized that I wanted to an illustrator.

Jonathan: As you were developing artistically in school was there a favorite teacher, friend or mentor that meant a lot to you? Could you tell us a little about them?

André: I was not very good pupil at school, just doing the bare minimum. It is the later that I saw an interest in art. When I was 20, I had a girlfriend who was at the School of Fine Art in Bordeaux (France). She knew me awake at art. I visit art galleries, museums, I was blown away by the Louvre, and step by step to modern art and contemporary art. I think, I could say there was ten year I am interested in art before starting to make myself illustrations. I am self taught, I can not really say I had a mentor, or my best friend who is an incredible art director and know guide me, pushing, shoving me in my work!

Jonathan: Your first job as an Illustrator for the newspaper Le Monde. Could you tell us the story of how that happened?

André: It was a huge surprise. In fact, when I started making collages, I did not imagine it would begin a career in illustration and even less so, to be able to sell it. I put these collages on a blog which luckily was visited by one of the artistic directors of Le Monde. She loved what I was doing and I was asked to do a portrait of a scientist in the style of my collages. It was therefore my first illustration for a magazine.

Jonathan: I often wondered what it be like to work with an agent? How has having representative changed your career?

André: My first agent in France  changed many things for me. It made me to realize the quality of my work. Told me many believed in me, saying that I had a lot of talent. It changed me a lot, because before I had a very amateurish approach to my work. With him, I became a professional. The presentation of my book, my website, my "image"  somehow transformed into a professional. To have omeone who believes in your work, your potential, it changes a lot of things. But do not believe that an agent will do everything for you. You must work and work continually.

My experience with a second agent in France was catastrophic. But it made me realize that I needed to continue my own efforts on the side business and also meet potential clients, art buyers, artistic directors. Continue to do my own marketing... An agent does not do everything for you but for him, so one must continue to rely on oneself as well.

Now, I have an agent for Germany (Caroline Seidler), and everything is perfect. She is doing a very good job and good with her clients and promoting their artists. And I do the same in France, for me!

Jonathan: In working, what is more essential, a good routine or lots of variety?

André: I do not think there can be a routine for an illustrator. At least for me, it is not possible. I always want novelty, discovery, learning new things for me. Imagine an illustration and design it, it will take you on a lot of new paths.  I constantly question myself for progress' sake, to shake myself up, otherwise...  it becomes a form of repetition and routine. This is not something I like. But maybe one day, weariness will set in, and I might fall into a kind of routine. Let's hope not.

Jonathan: In parting, André, I just want to thank you for your time and say how much I enjoyed discovering your work. One last question. What advice would you give to someone starting a career as an illustrator?

André: Work hard, but above all, love what we do. Do not be afraid of criticism, learn to trust yourself. Be surrounded by good people. Work from experience. Be open to learning, always learn, and play sports!

Visit André and see much more of his wonderful
work at his site,, Facebook,
Tumblr or follow him on Twitter @sanchezandre

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ted Baker Spring Summer 2013 | Shoe Giveaway

Very proud to present a selection of my favorites from Ted Baker's S/S 2013 collection and a chance to win 3 pairs of Ted Baker shoes (please see details below). Ted had his beginnings in Glasgow, Scotland. Word of mouth quickly spread as did his reputation of quality served with a quirky sense of humor. This season's collection is a perfect blend of 1950s elegance with a fresh modern twist. I love it. Hope you do, too!

 For the entire collection, visit the Ted Baker SS13 Lookbook HERE

One lucky lady and one lucky gent will have the chance for... not just one but
three pairs of shoes from his new Spring/Summer collection.

For the rules and a chance to win, simply "like" Ted Baker on Facebook
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Best of luck! Cheers!
xoxo Jonathan