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Storytelling | Interview with stylist Hannah Teare

Hannah Teare, former Fashion Director of Tatler UK
and current fashion stylist and brand consultant

For London-based Hannah Teare, clothing is all about telling stories, creating modern and elegant images using fashion as her medium. 2012 was an incredible year for Hannah as she shot for American Vogue, Vanity Fair and Town and Country, travelling the globe with trunks full of exquisite dresses. 

Hannah draws a lot on her roots in Art History which lends a oft theatrical and lovely dramatic flare to her work. Recent projects include one with Vivienne Westwood, a play at the National Theatre, and an elaborate fairytale collaboration with Annie Leibovitz. Up coming adventures include a trip to Cuba and more tales to tell....

Model: Olga Sherer
Photographer: Cathleen Naundorf
Stylist: Hannah Teare
Hair: Federico Ghezzi
Make Up: Lynsey Alexander
Magazine: Harper’s Bazaar UK
Jonathan: When a new project comes in, can you share some of your creative process? How do you decide on a look or direction for a product?

Hannah: Each project is unique and my approach can vary depending on the the scale and brief of the styling required. I tend to have ideas fizzing and buzzing in my mind as well as stories being led by the seasons designs. If it is an advertising job then potentially there is a very specific brief which I work to and perhaps tweak a little. 

Model: Olga Serova
Photographers: Luis Monteiro & Saakshi Mathur
Hair: Joseph Pujalte
MUA: Serge Hodonou
Fashion Editor: Hannah Teare
Magazine: Tatler UK
Jonathan: Editing in any creative project is essential. It is one of the most difficult parts of the process. Knowing when to pull back or push an idea further critical. What makes a great editor in your book?
Hannah: Confidence in decisions makes a great editor. Some editors/stylists are elaborators i.e.. add accessories and layers..others style purely with their edit using total looks. Both take skill - and the courage of conviction is the key. 
Model: Jennifer Pugh
Photographers: Luis Monteiro and Saakshi Mathur
Fashion Editor: Hannah Teare
Magazine: Tatler UK
Jonathan: Who are your heroes? Was there anyone in your life that helped or inspired you to get to where you are today? 
Hannah: My heros include Cecil Beaton, Isabelle Allende, Irving Penn, Freda Kahlo, Elizabeth I, Emily Pankhurst. Madonna also amazes me - she is the queen of reinvention and in my pre-teens and teens (i.e.. the 80s and 90s) she could do no wrong! The movie My Fair Lady was a great fashion inspiration for me as a little girl - for a couple of years I drew bows on everything I designed. In my early twenties it was the fantastical work of David La Chapelle and post impressionist artists. My parents always encouraged me to travel and enjoy foreign cultures and traditions. I find switching countries and era's very inspiring both in life and my work.  

Models: Coco Rocha and dancer Roberto Bolle
Photographer: Annie Leibovitz
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Grace Coddington
Stylist: Hannah Teare
Hair: Julien d’Ys
MUA: Gucci Westman
Set Designer: Mary Howard
Magazine: US Vogue
Jonathan: Hannah, could you share one of your favourite moments in your career so far? Who are some of your favourite people to work with? 
Hannah: My first editorial shoot for American Vogue was a big Romeo and Juliet extravaganza with Annie Leibovitz. Grace Coddington was styling Coco Rocha as Juliet and I was styling the male characters for the shoot plus Juliet's nurse. I sourced vintage pieces from costume houses in the UK and packed them all up in to 10 trunks and flew solo to NY for fittings a run though and the shoot. It was a very busy few days, and an inspiration to be on set with amazing talents such as Grace and Annie. I don't think I exhaled until I was on the plane back to the UK.

Model: Olga Serova
Photographers: Luis Monteiro and Saakshi Mathur
Fashion Editor: Hannah Teare
Magazine: Tatler UK
Jonathan: What advice would give to someone wanting to start a career in fashion as a stylist or in magazines?  
Hannah: Hands on experience is the best way to learn the trade, also to follow your passions outside of the fashion industry even if fashion is your first and foremost  - be it art/theatre/fencing/etc - whatever you love,  it will also bring inspiration to your work. Surround yourself with others who inspire you and that you will learn from. Dare to take a few risks, they will expand your experience and it is unlikely you will regret whatever they may be.

Models: Ella Kandyba & Maria Loks
Photographer: Cathleen Naundorf
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Hannah Teare
Hair: Thierry Degrave
MUA: Caroline Saulnier
Magazine: Harper’s Bazaar UK
Jonathan: Just want to thank Hannah for sharing some time with us and wish her many moreadventures across the globe with trunks full of exquisite dresses. Look forward to her stories.

Model: Amanda Seyfried
Photographer: Simon Emmett
Stylist: Hannah Teare
Magazine: Vanity Fair 

Photographer: Ruven Afanador 
Model: Olga Serova
Stylist: Hannah Teare
Christian Lacroix, Fall 2008 Couture 
Magazine: Tatler UK

One more... it was so hard to choose :)

Model: Katie McGrath
Stylist: Hannah Teare

Photographer: Luis Montiero

Magazine: Tatler UK

You can see more of Hannah's work at her site, HERE
and follow her adventures on Twitter @hannahteare.


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