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105 LOOKS is the premier video-centric beauty site for style-savvy women who want to know how to wear the latest beauty trends.  Whether you want something a little edgy or casually chic, we present the best videos on creating the wearable looks you want and the products you’ll need to make it happen. 
Today, I am thrilled to present  to you their latest looks in this great makeup tutorial.

Chic Day + Intense Night | One Palette Two Looks

Marcus and Caroline
Brother and sister, Marcus and Caroline Dahllöf, were experiencing way too much frustration trying to follow the latest tips on beauty via YouTube. They wanted to be able to find the best videos for each occasion or style, e.g. all the best evening looks regardless of which makeup artist had done the video.  It was easy to get lost in an endless sea of videos. And with video production quality varying so much, it was time consuming sorting the good from the bad. Using traditional keywords and tags weren’t really helping either. Inspiration struck.

105 LOOKS was born.

The idea. Handpick the top beauty videos on YouTube and set a standard of quality, make them searchable by stylecelebrity name, product name, and occasion or makeup color, all in a way that makes sense for cosmetics. Whether you are a professional makeup artist or getting ready for your prom, Marcus and Caroline have worked hard to make the latest styles accessible and easy for you to find and use. With work, school, and the demands of a busy life there’s no wasted time, no fuss and you can be sure to find the best beauty videos for each style or occasion.  All videos meet a minimum level of quality for audio, video and lighting.

105 LOOKS is runway inspired, but the looks are extremely wearable - wanting to inspire women to try new looks that might seem intimidating at first but can actually be quite wearable if done right. In their weekly TREND GUIDE, they offer a range of styles and skill levels in the latest looks. And the videos come with easy-to-follow instructions that show how to create a look from beginning to end.

A conversation with co-founder, Marcus Dahllhöf of 105 LOOKS.

R&J: Thank you for joining us, Marcus. 105 LOOKS is an amazing site and you’ve both done a fantastic job so far. What are your hopes for the future of 105 LOOKS?

105 LOOKS: We hope the site will become a destination for women that want to learn to do makeup, whether it is the latest runway looks or getting introduced to makeup.  Online video is such a fantastic way to learn makeup. 

Going forward we will continue to improve the content and the experience of 105 LOOKS.  For example, we are currently focusing on making the site more social.

R&J: There are so many factors in deciding what look to do (makeup-wise) for an evening out. Any advice for someone wanting to try something new yet maybe unsure what to choose?

105 LOOKS: Well, you can actually search for evening looks on our site. Here’s a link: http://www.105looks.com/occasion_or_color/d/223-party and then further refine those results by your favorite makeup color. 

I would also suggest browsing the looks from our Trend Guide this fall, we have some great evening looks in there.

In general, for an evening look you should go for a bolder, more intense look. Make sure to match appropriately with your attire – if you are looking to make a statement with your makeup you don’t need your clothes to do the same. Now, if you are going on a first date, I would not suggest experiment with a new look – stick to something you know works and that enhances you!

R&J: Off the top of your head, what are the top 5 products (brands) a girl just shouldn’t be with out?

105 LOOKS: I would suggest taking a close look at the following products and brands:

• Cheater! Mascara by the Balm is excellent, and it comes with a great brush.

• Dior’s 5-color Palette in Mitzah is one we highly recommend for the fall – the colors are super trendy and because they are natural colors they will work on most women.

• NARS’ Blush in Orgasm is a really popular blush and that works really well on most people.

• There are some great lip products out there that match color according to body heat. For example, Dior Lip Glow and a drugstore alternative is Black Radiance’s Perfect Tone Lip Color.

Instead of traditional foundations, we like tinted moisturizers. Because your natural skin color will vary with the season a nice tip is to get 2 in similar shades and then blend for a perfect color match.  Laura Mercier makes some great oil free tinted moisturizers that come with SPF.

R&J: Thanks again, Marcus, for your time and wish you continued success.

We are very happy to introduce you to 105 LOOKS and thank them for the time shared with us. If you would like to see more video tutorials here please let us know and will do our best to present more in the future. We all hope you enjoyed the post.

You can visit them at 105LOOKS and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter. (all with appropriate links)


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