Thursday, May 26, 2011

A SLIGHTLY MAD HATTER - An Interview with Milliner Ella Gajewska of London

Written by Jonathan Wilson

Ella Gajewska is professional milliner working in London and Krakow. Hats are the love of her life. She has been working as a milliner since 1996, though her passion for hats started much earlier, in her childhood, when Ella created hats for her dolls to give them a bit more of an extravagant look.

Having achieved success in Poland, where she was a milliner's atelier manager and an inspiring teacher for other young milliners, she decided to take her chances in London, the world capital of hats. Since 2001, Ella has had the chance of working for renowned ateliers and milliners. Working in England, alongside the best designers of various headwear, she has had the chance to develop and perfect her skills even more. Another aspect of her career she truly enjoys is personal styling. 

With a growing list of celebrity clients of actors, actresses, singers, stars and starlets, Ella takes an active approach in the fashion world. Her work has graced fashion shows and photo shoots in London, England and Krakow, Poland and her work is sold internationally. 

R&J: As a milliner and stylist, what tips can you offer someone in the selection of the perfect hat or headwear? How important do you think the right hat can add to a look or help make a statement?

Ella: When choosing your headpiece or a hat, the most important thing, is… you must feel comfortable in them, in whatever you choose to wear. Always choose a hat or head piece which compliments you and your outfit and does not take it over, unless you are wearing an very simple dress or outfit , then you can wear something a lot more dramatic. The right hat is a very unique accessory. It makes you feel on top of the world.

R&J: Your work definitely has a dramatic flair… glamour, fun and sense of mystery, where does your inspiration come from? Who are some of your fav designers?

Ella: Its hard to say, sometimes can be a light, or a shadows on the ground, a movie, or simply the mood I’m in. Most of my hat ideas come to me just before I fall asleep. Usually I try to write it down, or draw a tiny picture so I can get back to it the next morning. Some ideas for a great hat come to me totally unexpected. I might be on the bus or walking down the local main street.

My favorite designer of all time is Chanel, as for milliners Edwina Ibbotson and Stephen Jones.

R&J: You took a giant leap of faith and a lot of courage going to London, is there a story you could share about what that was like, one or two of your favorite or funniest moments?

Ella:  I moved to London about 10 years a go. I start working as a cleaner, babysitter.  I remember I fell in love in London within first few months. Just the vibe, the freedom of expression and plenty of opportunity.  London is full of open-minded and friendly people, from all over the word.  One day, I decided to look for work in my profession, with yellow pages in my hand, I think ,and called every milliner in London, asking for work.

Funniest moment? It must have been 9 years ago, I was standing by the Leicester Square traffic lights, when I saw my neighbors’ mate from my home town in Poland. I just couldn’t believe my eyes, we started to laugh. Small world.

Favorite moment? There was plenty. Two years ago, we had this huge snowfall in London, all flight were grounded and my boyfriend couldn’t get back to Krakow and he had to stay longer in London -  that was quite funny and great!

R&J: As a former instructor, what would be the best advice you could give for hopeful young milliners?

Ella:  Use all your skills, put your heart in to it all the time, be eager to learn. Don’t give up! Never say I can’t, do it. Use your brain and try.

R&J: What does the future hold for you now, what can we expect in the upcoming year?

Ella:  More satisfied clients and sales, I hope! I’m planning to expand and sell some signature pieces to some of the shops in Poland. I would love to have more clients there. Hats are fabulous and fun. I would love to bring more glamour to Polish women. I think they deserve it.

R&J:  Thank you, Ella, very much for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences with us. Stay fabulous. xo

To see more of Ella, visit her own web site, her shop or be a fan on Facebook 
Much thanks to the talented photographers and models.
Photography courtesy of:

Paweł Wodnicki 
Beata Synkiewicz
Monika Mamon 


MADA said...

extraordinary !
I love Ella - Bella works
Great interview. Enjoyed it very much :)

FiliGrace said...

Fantastic interview! I enjoy it a lot! Thank you Renata, Ella and Jonathan!

kapelusznik said...

Fantastic :D
I didn't know much about Ella, it's such a talented person, love her hats ! :D

ella.gajewska said...

Thank you all for lovely comments. I feel blessed. Thank you Jonathan&Renata :)

Kaila jewellery said...

Great interview !! Very interesting story about Ella !! Her hats are outstanding !!

Bozena Wojtaszek said...

Great article, super pictures, bravo Ela @ renata-and-jonathan :)

Renata and Jonathan said...

Thank you all for your kind comments on Ella and her work. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by. I am so happy for her.



Szalonaisa said...

Great interview with great photos :) It was pleasure to read this post :)

ella.gajewska said...

Thank you so much ones more!! For the feature and all lovely comments. I couldn't sleep last nite, so much excitement! :))

Renata and Jonathan said...

You've done a wonderful job, Ella, your hats, the photography and your advice were super.

Many thanks to our friends, I am so glad you enjoyed this article about Ella.

Hope to hear from everyone again soon.



Dear Girl Wallflower said...

Thanks for the fave on Chictopia, I followed you here, I love your layout, it is the best I found so far....!I will also like your facebook as Deargirl, please like mine too=) Thanks for sharing this success and interview, this is inspiring and challenging.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ella, Became acquainted with your work on Facebook. Your hats have intrigued me since you started blogging on Facebook. I read your bio and am so blown away by your work. Are you the model in the pictures you post on Facebook? My grandfather was also Polish. Fashion has also been my first love. I love your hats. You go girl!

Edna Walker

Renata and Jonathan said...

Hi Edna,

I will forward your message to Ella... she just recently did another photo shoot, really great stuff :) She does wonderful work. WE will be doing an interview with one of her photographers soon, Beata Synkiewicz.

Don't be a stranger and so glad you like the interview!


ella.gajewska said...

Hi Edna! Thank you so much!!! For the lovely, comment and becoming my fan on a facebook :)
I am really glad you like my work and this stunning interview by Renata&Jonathan. I think Jonathan did awesome job here. :)

Thank you ones more. Regards :)

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